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Control your MECU Visa® Debit and Credit cards from your favorite mobile device.

Get instant access to all your MECU Visa® card accounts anytime from anywhere.
View card transactions and make payments online
Instantly turn cards off/on and report them if lost or stolen
Set up controls and alerts to protect against fraud


When you link the MECU Cards app to your phone’s 电子钱包, you don’t need to worry about delays due to a lost or stolen card. 相反,你可以:

  • Access your card information with just a few taps
  • Eliminate the wait for a physical replacement card
  • Use your card in your 电子钱包, in the event your card is lost or stolen




Easy Account Management

获取您的MECU签证® 信用卡账户24/7/365. Quickly view your transaction history. Easily make credit card payments. And, set spending limits to alert you to large purchases to help you stay within your budget.

Graphic of MECU Cards Ap on a mobile phone

Graphic MECU卡App on a mobile phone




Protection Against Fraud

Instantly turn cards off/on and report them lost or stolen. Set card controls and alerts that notify you when, where, how your cards are being used.


Available on iOS and Android.


Download the MECU Card App from the Apple App storeDownload the MECU Card App from the 谷歌玩 Store